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Tralala Blip performing with Idylls and Ah Mer Ah Su (24th April 2017)

Zac and the Tralala Blip crew will be performing at the Foundry next Monday evening.

It looks like a pretty amazing and eclectic line-up so be sure to come down if you can make it.

Click here for more details


Exploring Vinyl

Zac may not have a turntable but that doesn’t stop us from exploring the wonderful world of vinyl. Ewingsdale Hall was recently host to The Vinyl Junkie and his 40,000+ collection of old school records.

We travelled out in a small group and once there Zac was quick to find an AC/DC album and a nice comfortable spot to sit and listen. Record after record he explored a wide array of music including some old school rock, electronic dance, african tribal, speed metal, and even some baroque.

The discovery of the day was a hands down winner with Cream’s Disraeli Gears, which I (Anthony) believe to be one of the best rock trio albums ever recorded. Something new to add to Zac’s already wide taste in music.

Once the music exploration came to end it was a short drive to take a long needed walk on the beach and a slice of pizza in downtown Byron.

Back in Town

Zac and the TraLaLa Blip crew are back in Lismore after a successful tour.

Check out some of the amazing shots taken at their Lismore gig.

Photo’s courtesy of Rachael Windress.


Zac is about to go on the MOST ii tour with Tralala Blip.

They will be performing in Lismore, Brisbane, Sydney, Wagga Wagga, and Melbourne.

If you are local to Lismore, be sure to come down to the skate rink on Saturday the 18th to see the Tralala Blip crew as they kick off this awesome tour.


Tralala Blip grant success

Zac and the other Tralala Blip band members have reason to celebrate having recently been awarded a substantial grant through the Australian Council of the Arts. Way to go guys.

Read about it here.


Things have been pretty busy since Zac got back from Thailand. Here’s a little gallery of some of his favourite pictures:

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Upcycled Xbox Shelf

Zac had recently saved up and bought himself an Xbox One. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough space on his table to have both his new Xbox and old PlayStation setup so we (Anthony and Zac) went about building a shelf out of an old wooden palette we found by the road.

Step 1: Removing the slats and stripping out all of the nails and staples.


Step 2: Getting ready for some serious work with power tools.


Step 3: Cutting the wood down to size.


Step 4: Sanding back and cleaning up all of the rough edges.


Step 5: Construction time. This took a lot of work trying to get everything nice and even and braced in. Glue and nails everywhere 🙂


Finished Product: Zac taking pride in his efforts.


Final Setup: The shelf in place and Zac’s consoles all cabled up.


By using discarded materials we managed to get the project complete for about $4 in nails, glue, and sandpaper. A small price to pay for getting to create a functional item while having lots of fun. A:)

Movie script writing…

… apparently looks like this:


Followed by a good hour of bunkering down and brainstorming. 🙂


My Radio Heart

My Radio Heart returns.

Come and watch Zac and the crew perform in an immersive 21st century love story.


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