Zac may not have a turntable but that doesn’t stop us from exploring the wonderful world of vinyl. Ewingsdale Hall was recently host to The Vinyl Junkie and his 40,000+ collection of old school records.

We travelled out in a small group and once there Zac was quick to find an AC/DC album and a nice comfortable spot to sit and listen. Record after record he explored a wide array of music including some old school rock, electronic dance, african tribal, speed metal, and even some baroque.

The discovery of the day was a hands down winner with Cream’s Disraeli Gears, which I (Anthony) believe to be one of the best rock trio albums ever recorded. Something new to add to Zac’s already wide taste in music.

Once the music exploration came to end it was a short drive to take a long needed walk on the beach and a slice of pizza in downtown Byron.