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Tralala Blip, Soot & Blend 42 – free entry at Backbone!

Don’t miss Zac and the crew this Friday in Brisbane.

Details here.


French Cafe: July 13-14

Come and see Zac and the Sprung crew perform in French Cafe at the
Brunswick Picture House. You could even win 2 return flights to France.

“A celebration of human foibles in a cafe where nobody speaks the same language and absurd is the order of the day.”

Saturday 13 July 2019 – 7pm
Sunday 14 July 2019 – 2pm and 5pm

Brunswick Picture House | 30 Fingal Street, Brunswick, NSW

French Cafe zac

Tralala Blip: Facing Monsters

Tralala Blip have released a music film clip of their latest single, Facing Monsters.

With lyrics written by Zac Mifsud and Pheobe Rose, Facing Mosters is a song about struggling with personal issues and fighting them in order to be a better person.

“I’m facing my monsters, I’m finding my strength.”

A Trail of Light and Sound

Last week Zac was a participant in A Trail of Light and Sound, a series of light and sounds sculptures created as a bridge between the locations of Sculpture Bermagui.

The week was a series of daily creative workshops where participants discussed their ideas and bought them to life with the support of team leaders. The evenings consisted of quick food breaks and lots of planning and making. Zac played a critical role in content creation, dance coreography, and was the BBQ master. On the night of the event Zac was in charge of security and crowd coordination, roles he took on board with much enthusiasm.

Big days and late nights resulted in a hugely successful event.

The trail consisted of a bakery that was turned into a musical instrument, a spaceman floating in the front of a cafe, a mechanic’s garage showing a projected film made from shadow play, a stop motion standing cinema, a historic fig tree lit in dazzling colour and adorned with hand made lanterns, water words illuminated by ultraviolet strobes, a baton dance, some traditional dance performed by local indigenous primary school kids, and massive palm trees illuminated by the mother of all light projectors. An absolute spectacular enjoyed by a throng of punters and creators.

Not content with just throwing the biggest sound and light event Bermagui had ever seen the crew headed over to Murrah Hall on Saturday night to setup The Mess Age where Zac joined Tralala Blip and 5 other bands and DJs to rock the hall.

A massive week of creativity, play, and forging new friendships.

Mirror of Dreams : Don’t Believe

Reel Abrupt Film Festival 2017 submission:

Twice the trouble twice the paint.

Impromptu Fundraiser

Zac and I joined the fire club (Spin Fire and Flow) for a practice session this evening and before we knew it Zac was whisked away to join a live performance for a fundraiser at the Winsome.


Photo by Rachael Windress

Recreational Creativity

New Herb Box

Anthony and I built a herb planter box out of a old crate a friend was throwing out. We are growing pac choy, thyme, chives, chili, oregano, sage, and mint. 

Anthony: Not the best time to plant but we will see how they go. I’m sure we will manage more than one cook up.

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