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snow avengers

A tram trip to Freudenstadt got us in the heart of snow territory and we got to check out the Black Forest in winter. We had fun throwing snowballs, especially at Randy!

Zac is making a new version of Avengers super heroes in the forest.

Randy is Icicle

Lydian is the Snow Prince

Matt is Big Thing

Zac is Juggernaut / Cain Marko (for a change). Or maybe Frosty the Snowman except he gets cranky and melts the snow

Tralala Blip Artist Residency in Germany (1)

Zac’s band Tralala Blip have a 2 week artists residency in Germany in late January 2016. After a looooong flight we arrived and got to check out ZKM, including The Kubus, which is a sound-dome for recording and performing music. We have seen some snow, started sussing out the city of Karlsruhe and have been having lots of laughs! We are now working on recording city sounds to create a new album for release later this year.  We will be performing some of the music we create here as part of the Global Digital 300 day festival on 30 January – see

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