Zac had recently saved up and bought himself an Xbox One. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough space on his table to have both his new Xbox and old PlayStation setup so we (Anthony and Zac) went about building a shelf out of an old wooden palette we found by the road.

Step 1: Removing the slats and stripping out all of the nails and staples.


Step 2: Getting ready for some serious work with power tools.


Step 3: Cutting the wood down to size.


Step 4: Sanding back and cleaning up all of the rough edges.


Step 5: Construction time. This took a lot of work trying to get everything nice and even and braced in. Glue and nails everywhere 🙂


Finished Product: Zac taking pride in his efforts.


Final Setup: The shelf in place and Zac’s consoles all cabled up.


By using discarded materials we managed to get the project complete for about $4 in nails, glue, and sandpaper. A small price to pay for getting to create a functional item while having lots of fun. A:)