Zac Mifsud

Musician, Performer, Superhero

The Abbey Adventure

Zac and I (Anthony) spent Saturday at the Abbey Medieval Festival in Caboolture, Queensland.

It was much much bigger than we expected and absolutely fascinating. We got to watch a jousting tournament, try on armour, play with swords and battle axes, get up close to birds of prey, and immerse ourselves in medieval life and artisan crafts.

The community was amazing and Zac and I got to spend a wonderful day with some colourful and dedicated people before we road off into the sunset on our camels. 🙂

Sprung Silliness

Zac and Donovan getting ready for a week of silliness with Sprung Integrated Dance Theatre Inc.


The Bollywood Ball

Great time having fun dancing hard.

@ the Bollywood Ball

How to do the dishes.

Oceans of Love – Digital Album

Oceans Cover

Tralala Blip’s Ocean of Love digital album and limited vinyl and cassette release.

Buy it here

Photo Cubes

Peregrine Glove

A quick test of the Peregrine Glove setup:


snow avengers

A tram trip to Freudenstadt got us in the heart of snow territory and we got to check out the Black Forest in winter. We had fun throwing snowballs, especially at Randy!

Zac is making a new version of Avengers super heroes in the forest.

Randy is Icicle

Lydian is the Snow Prince

Matt is Big Thing

Zac is Juggernaut / Cain Marko (for a change). Or maybe Frosty the Snowman except he gets cranky and melts the snow

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